Light manipulation using organic semiconducting materials for enhanced photosynthesis

Cell Reports Physical Science 

Jackie Zorz, William D. L. Richardson, Audrey Laventure, Marianne Haines, Edward Cieplechowicz, Alireza Aslani, Agasteswar Vadlamani, Joule Bergerson, Gregory C. Welch, Marc Strous*


Slot-Die-Coated Ternary Organic Photovoltaics for Indoor Light Recycling

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Mahmoud E. Farahat, Audrey Laventure, Michael A. Anderson, Mathieu Mainville, Francesco Tintori, Mario Leclerc, Erin L. Ratcliff*, Gregory C. Welch*


High open-circuit voltage roll-to-roll compatible processed organic photovoltaics

Journal of Materials Chemistry C

Francesco Tintori, Audrey Laventure, Josh D. B. Koenig, Gregory C. Welch*


Acid Dyeing for Green Solvent Processing of Solvent Resistant Semiconducting Organic Thin Films 

Materials Horizons

Cayley R. Harding, Jonathan Cann, Audrey Laventure, Mozhgan Sadeghianlemraski, Marwa Abd-Ellah, Keerthan Rao, Benjamin S. Gelfand, Hany Aziz, Loren Kaake, Chad Risko, Gregory C. Welch*


Side-chain Engineering of Perylene Diimide Dimers: Impact on Morphology and Photovoltaic Performance

Nano Select (Open access)

Francesco Tintori, Audrey Laventure, Gregory C. Welch*


Postdoctoral Scholars’ Perceptions of a University Teaching Certificate Program

Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education (Open access)

Lorelli Nowell*, Audrey Laventure, Anu Raisanen, Nicholas Strzałkowski, Natasha Kenny


Water Compatible Direct (Hetero)arylation Polymerization of PPDT2FBT: A Pathway Towards Large-Scale Production of Organic Solar Cell

Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry (Organic Donor-Acceptor Molecules/Complexes Special Issue)

Mathieu Mainville, Vicky Tremblay, Miriam Z. Fenniri, Audrey Laventure, Mahmoud E. Farahat, Gregory C. Welch*, Ian G. Hill*, Mario Leclerc*


Harnessing Direct (Hetero)Arylation in Pursuit of a Saddle-Shaped Perylene Diimide Tetramer

ACS Applied Energy Materials

Josh D. B. Koenig, Audrey Laventure, Gregory C. Welch*


Perylene Diimide Based Organic Photovoltaics with Slot-Die Coated Active Layers from Halogen-Free Solvents in Air at Room Temperature

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Francesco Tintori, Audrey Laventure, Gregory C. Welch*


Interfacial ZnO modification using a carboxylic acid functionalized N-annulated perylene diimide for inverted type organic photovoltaics

ACS Applied Electronic Materials

Marwa Abd-Ellah, Jonathan Cann, Sergey V. Dayneko, 

Audrey Laventure, Edward Cieplechowicz, Gregory C. Welch*


Screening Quinoxaline-Type Donor Polymers for Roll-to-Roll Processing Compatible Organic Photovoltaics

ACS Applied Polymer Materials

Audrey Laventure, Cayley R. Harding, Edward Cieplechowicz, Zhe Li, Ju Wang, Yingping Zhou*, Gregory C. Welch*


Additive induced crystallization of a twisted perylene diimide dimer within a polymer matrix

Soft Matter

Francesco Tintori, Audrey Laventure, Gregory C. Welch


A ring fused N-annulated PDI non-fullerene acceptor for high open circuit voltage solar cells processed from non-halogenated solvents

Synthetic Metals (Early Career Leaders Special Issue)

Audrey Laventure, Samantha Stanzel, Abby-Jo Payne, Benoît H. Lessard*, Gregory C. Welch*


Triazine-based molecular glasses frustrate the crystallization of barbiturates


Audrey Laventure, Dominic Lauzon, Christian Pellerin*, Olivier Lebel*


Borane Incorporation in a Non-Fullerene Acceptor To Tune Steric and Electronic Properties and Improve Organic Solar Cell Performance

ACS Applied Energy Materials

Thomas A. Welsh, Audrey Laventure, Abdullah F. Alahmadi, Guanghui Zhang, Thomas Baumgartner, Yingping Zou, Frieder Jäkle*, Gregory C. Welch*


Towards upscaling of organic photovoltaics using non-fullerene acceptors

SPIE Proceedings

Audrey Laventure, Cayley R. Harding, Edward Cieplechowicz, Gregory C. Welch*


A tetrachlorinated molecular non-fullerene acceptor for high performance near-IR absorbing organic solar cells

Journal of Materials Chemistry C

Audrey Laventure, Gregory C. Welch*


Direct (hetero)arylation for the synthesis of molecular materials: Coupling thieno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6-dione with perylene diimide to yield novel non-fullerene acceptors for organic solar cells


Thomas A. Welsh, Audrey Laventure, Gregory C. Welch*


Dithienophosphole-based molecular electron acceptors constructed using direct (hetero)arylation cross-coupling methods

Journal of Materials Chemistry C

Thomas A. Welsh, Audrey Laventure, Thomas Baumgartner, Gregory C. Welch*


Influence of Hydrogen Bonding on the Surface Diffusion of Molecular Glasses: Comparison of Three Triazines

Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Yinshan Chen, Men Zhu, Audrey Laventure, Olivier Lebel, Mark D. Ediger, Lian Yu*


Glass versus Crystal: A Balancing Act between Competing Intermolecular Interactions

Crystal Growth & Design

Audrey Laventure, Thierry Maris, Christian Pellerin, Olivier Lebel*


Influence of Hydrogen Bonding on the Kinetic Stability of Vapor-Deposited Glasses of Triazine Derivatives

Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Audrey Laventure, Ankit Gujral, Olivier Lebel, Christian Pellerin, Mark D. Ediger*


Photoactive/Passive Molecular Glass Blends: An Efficient Strategy to Optimize Azomaterials for Surface Relief Grating Inscription

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Audrey Laventure, Jérémie Bourotte, Jaana Vapaavuori, Lucas Karperien, Ribal Georges Sabat, Olivier Lebel, Christian Pellerin*


Metal–Ligand Interactions and Salt Bridges as Sacrificial Bonds in Mussel Byssus-Derived Materials


Frédéric Byette, Audrey Laventure, Isabelle Marcotte*, Christian Pellerin*


Unraveling the Interplay between Hydrogen Bonding and Rotational Energy Barrier to Fine-Tune the Properties of Triazine Molecular Glasses

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Audrey Laventure, Guillaume De Grandpré, Armand Soldera, Olivier Lebel*, Christian Pellerin*


Submolecular Plasticization Induced by Photons in Azobenzene Materials

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Jaana Vapaavuori, Audrey Laventure (equal contribution), C. Geraldine Bazuin, Olivier Lebel, Christian Pellerin*


Water-Triggered Spontaneous Surface Patterning in Thin Films of Mexylaminotriazine Molecular Glasses

Journal of Materials Chemistry C

Elizabeth Melito, Audrey Laventure, Gabriela Aldea-Nunzi, Christian Pellerin, Erwin Buncel, Olivier Lebel, Jean-Michel Nunzi*


Heads vs. Tails: a Double-Sided Study of the Influence of Substituents on the Glass-Forming Ability and Stability of Aminotriazine Molecular Glasses

New Journal of Chemistry (Cover page)

Audrey Laventure, Armand Soldera, Christian Pellerin*, Olivier Lebel*


One Ring to Rule Them All: Effect of Aryl Substitution on Glass-Forming Ability in Mexylaminotriazine Molecular Glasses


Rukan N. Eren, André Plante, Alexandre Meunier, Audrey Laventure, Yishen Huang, Jennie G. Briard, Kelvin J. Crever, Christian Pellerin, Armand Soldera, Olivier Lebel*

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